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Our program will save your time and your nerves. It is designed for hotels, hostels, guesthouses or cottages. With this system you can organize all your work in a very easy way. It is high time to put an end to paper calendars, flying sheets of paper with guest data or confused information about rooms. Let us modernize your hotel with WebReception. WebReception has been created to help you at work. Reservation information is collected in one place to which everyone has access. The program works on-line - which enables several people to make reservations at the same time. This function gives you full control even if you are outside your place of work. It is enough to have an internet connection to be up to date. Booking is simple and clear. Rooms which are booked appear on a graphic panel immediately. You can book a room or cancel a reservation whenever you want.

If your hotel has regular customers then you can add them to the database which will make the reservation process quicker. Database is filled automatically with information put in the reservation panel. You can edit or verify data easily. Big advantage of WebReception is the multilingual support that enables cooperation with foreign agents. You can alter the prices on the price list according to individual settings or seasonal settings. The program also allows you to manage texts and emails so that you will have constant mailing contact with customers. Clear administration panel makes it easier to work and enables efficient hotel management.

WebReception is a perfect software for every resort.

Using for free!

We know how much you are interested in WebReception so we made our program available to everybody for free. Thereby you have a chance to get to know how much it can facilitate your work.

Allow yourself modernity and professionalism.