Idź do góry

Guests visiting your hotel come from many different places - often from foreign countries. Sometimes hotels take payments in foreign currency. Think, how easy it would be if you could convert this money by one clik to each of the currencies noted by the NBP and it would always be based on the most current rate. This function saves your time, because you do not have to check the current course and calculate it every time you need it and thus it means real money saved for the hotel and its owner.

You receive the converting system with the basic package. In addition, the functionality works regardless of the currency chosen by the hotel and it provides correct conversions each time. Conversions are always made from the currency the customer pays in into the currency chosen by the hotel.

The conversion system works in an intelligent and elegant way. WebReception which is in constant communication with the Polish National Bank database provides up to date exchange rates all available without having to undertake any additional action from the user.

Using for free!

We know how much you are interested in WebReception so we made our program available to everybody for free. Thereby you have a chance to get to know how much it can facilitate your work.

Allow yourself modernity and professionalism.